Theoretical Exhibition: Designed to Defend

Designed to Defend was my first semester major project at the University of the Arts, Fall 2015. The class was tasked with developing, and designing exhibitions for the Fictional “Podunk Museum of Design”. For the purposes of this exercise our constraints were 1000 sq/ft of floor space with a maximum 17′ high ceiling. Budget was not a constraint.

This exhibition was developed by a classmate of mine and I took over for the final design process.


With this concept and gestalt, I designed an immersive adventure experience where the visitor is invited to assist a fictional team of immune system superheroes called “The ImmuniTeam”, to help the body design weapons and defenses against enemies.

I designed the floor plan around the narrative concept, then projected it into an axonometric view of the proposed exhibition space.



I then established exact graphic identity, sample topical graphics, and promotional material.


Review the project in full, including research, more drawings, and a detailed walkthrough by reading the  Designed To Defend Project Book