Nerves of the Hand


The nerves of the hand, palmar orientation. Pencil underdrawing and Adobe Photoshop color.

Surface Muscle Anatomy Illustrations

Illustrations of surface muscle anatomy in poses taken from figure drawing sessions. Tone illustrations in charcoal, color illustrations in colored pencil.


CMNH Exhibit Poster

Pencil illustrations, layout and design in Adobe Illustrator.


Ceiba speciosa

Traditional pencil illustration of an immature Ceiba speciosa tree. Layout in Adobe Illustrator.

Interactive Educational Module: Muscles of the Shoulder



Educational module detailing the superficial muscles of the shoulder, anteriorly and posteriorly. Roll over a muscle and it is shown to the side, isolated, with its origin and insertion points highlighted.

Photoshop illustrations, Programming in Flash, Actionscript 3.

Click here to play

Diaphragm Plate

Diaphragm Plate. Traditional Pen and Ink. Layout in Adobe Illustrator.

Vanda Manuvadee


Photoshop. For use in The Cleveland Botanical Gardens “Orchid Mania” show.

Neural Junctions



Low and high neurotransmitter activity in neural junctions. 3D Studio Max modeling, texture, and lighting. Photoshop compositing.

The Neuron Rider


3-D Studio Max modeling, texture and light. Photoshop compositing.