Amber Luning is a New Jersey based artist, designer, and comedian.  She received her BFA in Medical Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2012. She then moved to New Orleans and spent three years pursuing freelance work and performing stand up comedy before rediscovering her passion for educational design and spatial construction and obtaining her MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Artist Statement:

I’ve always been fascinated by the world. From the time I started forming memories to now, I’ve always been that person who learned everything I could for the sheer joy of knowing something new. From physics to biology, chemistry to craft, history to psychology; my lust for knowledge is effectively insatiable. It is only matched by my passion for teaching, sharing with my friends and often total strangers the beauty and wonder of the universe. A spatial and kinesthetic learner by nature, I see the creation and display of media as a logical solution to the problem of teaching at a distance.

I am consistently inspired and influenced by artists like Alex Gray, Frank Netter, and Chesley Bonestell. I take it from exhibit design and interactivity in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, in the Franklin Institute’s walk through heart, in the Mutter Museum’s trip into the antiquity of modern medicine, and in the grand immersive landscape design of Brian Carey. I take inspiration from Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, and Oliver Sacks. I take it from the animators of stock astronomy flybys, of heartbeats, of particle interactions and chemical bonds.  I’m inspired by nameless craftspeople, producing woven baskets to sell at markup to middle class Americans and nameless factory workers, stamping kitschy pictures of flowers into metal plaques.

I take joy in innovation and discovering new ways to do things, often applying knowledge from other craft and design areas to medical and informational art projects, and vice versa. My work for clients and for myself displays this trend, whether utilizing knowledge of computer modeling and chemistry in jewelry design, or knowledge of fabric, glass and dye in medical modeling. I take pride in being a jack of all trades, and believe that each skill I’ve absorbed and each field I have studied contributes to the personal style and scientific accuracy of my work.


For comments, questions, commissions, contact me at  amber.luning@gmail.com